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Content Marketing Lessons Learned

content-marketing91% of rankings on Page 1 of Google are site’s that consistently utilize their business social profiles.

This statistic is based off of our internal study (January 2015) across more than 10,000 keywords that we monitor daily. In other words, businesses that are creating and sharing content on a regular basis are definitively improving awareness and engagement, and earning a top spot in the consideration set. Continue reading →

SEO + Social = Results

newHundreds of research articles and analysis have attempted to measure the influence that social media has on search results.

Multiple ranking studies showcase compelling insights where many ranking factors are indeed social signals.  Other use cases point to strong correlation, but the specific impact has a large range of variance.  Continue reading →

Increase your Income as a RankPay Partner

dollarRankPay supports one of the largest Partner Programs in the search industry, as we earn top rankings for customers through our performance-based SEO Service.  As we move ahead, you’ll see consistent efforts to further help our partners become even more successful.

Thousands of Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers and Site Owners have created a compelling, residual monthly income stream by introducing our service to small-to-midsize businesses. (Details below)

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Panda 4.0 Review

Google PandaGoogle’s Panda algorithm update was first released back in 2011, with the aim of penalizing “thin content” websites, i.e. sites with poor written content, typically saturated with ads and delivering low standards of relevancy for users.

Since 2011, Google has rolled out dozens of tweaks to Panda; however most of these have simply been minor adjustments.  Panda 4.0 is different.

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Practical Tips that Deliver Results

tpWe’ve written (10) blogs posts in (5) years highlighting different components of On-Page Optimization, and how those elements are valued within Google & Bing’s ever-changing algorithms.

As we review performance analysis, the data suggests that we should probably be writing a weekly column showcasing the impact of setting-up on-page fundaments relative to a site’s success in the engines. Continue reading →

Social Signals Help with Rankings

Social ConnectionsWe’ve been studying the influence that social signals have on rankings for the past few years, our search for “social proof” is built directly into our platform, and it’s measured every day.

Along the way, we’ve tried to keep updates coming as we learn and test – here’s a few helpful posts if you’re still new to the topic: Continue reading →

Escalating to Google

Google Webmaster Tools logoEvery day we receive multiple requests from small businesses that want us to review their site, accept them onto our platform, and help them recover their ranking which has fallen.  These requests have steadily increased with Google’s Penguin updates, and the release of Hummingbird.

To accommodate the increased interest, we’ve added staff to review, we’ve invested in more tools to evaluate the real challenges that some of the site’s have, and we work hard to evaluate each unique situation independently, and then provide our best recommendation to the site owner.

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On-Page Optimization Remains Important

The questionnaireThe search industry is full of never-ending changes, it’s fluid with new relevancy signals, algorithm changes, and implementation testing that impact rankings consistently.  However, the one constant is that On-Page Optimization remains an important factor for any site to earn and maintain prominent rankings. Continue reading →

Local Search Fundamentals

BasicsLocal Search is vitally important for SMB because it provides an opportunity in the search landscape for local businesses to typically rank higher than aggregators and/or national businesses with large budgets.

The engines actively incorporate information from a search user to better identify their geo-location, as well as past search history and behavior, to further tailor results displayed to them.  Additionally, searching with geo-modifiers (example: san diego real estate agent) is a common practice on the web and mobile, and consumers’ expectation is that highly-relevant, top-rated local businesses will be displayed among the top ranking considerations.

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Search Marketshare Update

Working on behalf of thousands of keywords across our portfolio – we often hear that it’s great to earn top rankings on Bing-Yahoo!, although “we wish there was more traffic”.  This has been the case 10+ years, and very likely to be the case for the next 10+ years.

So, the best way to manage the significant differences in scale is to maximize exposure across the engines, and align your investment of time and capital directly with the value and/or ROI that you’re receiving from the engines and marketplaces.

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