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Local Search Fundamentals

BasicsLocal Search is vitally important for SMB because it provides an opportunity in the search landscape for local businesses to typically rank higher than aggregators and/or national businesses with large budgets.

The engines actively incorporate information from a search user to better identify their geo-location, as well as past search history and behavior, to further tailor results displayed to them.  Additionally, searching with geo-modifiers (example: san diego real estate agent) is a common practice on the web and mobile, and consumers’ expectation is that highly-relevant, top-rated local businesses will be displayed among the top ranking considerations.

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Google’s Hummingbird is Flying

Google launched “Hummingbird” late last month representing their largest algorithmic update in the past (3) years.  Then, six days later — they released their 5th Penguin update.  (It’s been a busy few months in the Search Industry).

So what is Hummingbird?

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#Hashtags Have Value in Search

The search industry has clearly had its’ fair share of developments over the past few weeks — first with Google’s Hummingbird, and then Penguin 2.1.  Additionally, one enhancement that has quietly become more and more ubiquitous across Google properties is the incorporation of hashtags in search.

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Designing an Effective Landing Page

Your marketing initiatives may be first class and successful, but unless you are delivering what the user is looking for in a direct and compelling way – you will always have limited time to make a connection with the consumer.  Therefore, designing an effective landing page remains one of the most important investments your business can make.

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Optimizing for Mobile

The significant growth of global search volume has been accelerated by the increasing use of mobile devices including:  smartphones, iPads, and an array of new Tablets.

For the first time, Google has also publicly confirmed that mobile optimization is a ranking factor for mobile search results. There are two things webmasters need to consider:  #1.) Responsive Site Design for mobile, and #2.)  Addressing common errors which have been plaguing smartphone search results.

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Maintaining Social Profiles for SEO

Google and Bing have made no secret regarding their support that Social Media signals represent a strong ranking factor.

It’s impossible to calculate the exact weighting of Social Media signals, however we believe that maintaining your profiles will continue to be increasingly more important, not less.

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Lessons Learned to Increase Site Conversion

Increasing sales can be achieved in broad terms by doing one of two things: increase the traffic coming to the site, or increase the rate of conversion of visitors to sales. In practice, you’ll be aiming for both of these to be improved over time, but in the early stages of a website’s life, the focus tends to be on increasing traffic. Zero traffic always converts at one, fixed rate – zero!

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Facebook Signals Move into Search

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been dropping hints for some time that they have been dabbling with the idea of moving into Search. Facebook is well-positioned to take advantage of Search with over one billion monthly users, but life is never so simple. Continue reading →

Understanding Bing-Facebook

Despite the small investment Microsoft has taken in Facebook, Bing has a much bigger stake which will hopefully turn into a more serious profit and marketshare as Bing’s partnership with Facebook continues to evolve.

Bing has been going through a serious makeover designed to improve user experience by accessing the Facebook social network of the user. By mining user data from Facebook, and other services — Bing is hoping to deliver a far greater relevancy and immediacy to users. Continue reading →

RankPay’s Customer Referral Program

RankPay’s Affiliate Program has long provided a means for affiliate marketing partners to earn commissions on referrals that invest in SEO Services. While the program has proven to be a great platform for marketers, bloggers and partners — we realize it has a limited degree of accessibility to our customers that are often business owners, who simply do not have the time to engage in affiliate marketing.
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