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Increase your Income as a RankPay Partner

dollarRankPay supports one of the largest Partner Programs in the search industry, as we earn top rankings for customers through our performance-based SEO Service.  As we move ahead, you’ll see consistent efforts to further help our partners become even more successful.

Thousands of Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers and Site Owners have created a compelling, residual monthly income stream by introducing our service to small-to-midsize businesses. (Details below)

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Social Signals Help with Rankings

Social ConnectionsWe’ve been studying the influence that social signals have on rankings for the past few years, our search for “social proof” is built directly into our platform, and it’s measured every day.

Along the way, we’ve tried to keep updates coming as we learn and test – here’s a few helpful posts if you’re still new to the topic: Continue reading →

RankPay Showcases Free SEO Tools

Through the years at RankPay, we’ve built a number of internal and external proprietary tools…  our two most utilized tools include the following:

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Choosing & Managing Keywords Effectively

Introducing Rankpay’s Keyword Watch Tool: monitor competitive keywords for free to increase website traffic, increase ROI and decrease business risk.

Selecting keywords to target in your online marketing campaigns is crucial to achieving eCommerce success. Keywords are important because they are the fundamental building block for your efforts to gain high rankings in the search engines. Your website will be optimized to bolster your rankings in respect of your chosen keywords, but you must choose keywords which are profitable and allow you to gain rankings within the budgets you have available. Continue reading →