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Is Your Website Content Good for SEO but Bad for People?

Content is King – we keep saying that and there is a simple reason – it’s TRUE!

The thirst for information is what drives people to use search engines, and in turn giants such as Google and Bing have been built based upon quickly satisfying that thirst.  The search engines look to deliver the most relevant websites first to users searching on keywords, but SEO is in part, working out how to tweak a website so it is favored by the search engine gods and users get to see it first.

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Bing-v-Google: Why Do You Need Both?

A lot is made of Google’s dominance in the search engine market, but is Google the one-stop search engine marketing stop of the age? Until last year, there were two pretenders to the search engine crown – Yahoo! and Bing. Now there is just Bing, but backed by Microsoft Bing represents a true challenger to the financial and SE dominance of the Big G.

From a marketers point of view, why bother to promote yourself on Bing when Google dominates the scene?

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