Panda 4.0 Review

Google’s Panda algorithm update was first released back in 2011, with the aim of penalizing “thin content” websites, i.e. sites with poor written content, typically saturated with ads and delivering low standards of relevancy for users.

Since 2011, Google has rolled out dozens of tweaks to Panda; however most of these have simply been minor adjustments.  Panda 4.0 is different.


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Practical Tips that Deliver Results

We’ve written (10) blogs posts in (5) years highlighting different components of On-Page Optimization, and how those elements are valued within Google & Bing’s ever-changing algorithms.

As we review performance analysis, the data suggests that we should probably be writing a weekly column showcasing the impact of setting-up on-page fundaments relative to a site’s success in the engines. […]

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Escalating to Google

Every day we receive multiple requests from small businesses that want us to review their site, accept them onto our platform, and help them recover their ranking which has fallen.  These requests have steadily increased with Google’s Penguin updates, and the release of Hummingbird.

To accommodate the increased interest, we’ve added staff to review, we’ve invested in more tools to evaluate the real challenges that some of the site’s have, and we work hard to evaluate each unique situation independently, and then provide our best recommendation to the site owner.


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On-Page Optimization Remains Important

The search industry is full of never-ending changes, it’s fluid with new relevancy signals, algorithm changes, and implementation testing that impact rankings consistently.  However, the one constant is that On-Page Optimization remains an important factor for any site to earn and maintain prominent rankings. […]

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Optimizing for Mobile

The significant growth of global search volume has been accelerated by the increasing use of mobile devices including:  smartphones, iPads, and an array of new Tablets.

For the first time, Google has also publicly confirmed that mobile optimization is a ranking factor for mobile search results. There are two things webmasters need to consider:  #1.) Responsive Site Design for mobile, and #2.)  Addressing common errors which have been plaguing smartphone search results.


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Integrating Social Media & SEO

Businesses are always looking for ways to enhance their connection with their target audience – but, doing so in a cost-effective manner is often the challenging part.

Obviously, this challenge remains at the heart of every marketer.  However, it’s becoming more and more clear that sound integration of a site’s social media channels, coupled with a consistent SEO program often create a solid communication platform and yield a positive ROI acquisition channel. […]

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Earning Top Rankings is a Marathon

We are firm believers in a data-driven approach to SEO, which means we track every ranking fluctuation across our customers’ keywords, and the competitive landscape to ensure that we’re adapting and delivering results effectively.

Over the years, we’ve invested at every turn to further enhance our platform and the analytical foundation to help thousands of businesses earn prominent rankings in Google, Bing & Yahoo!.


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Learnings from Google’s Penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 launched this week and the impact seems to be right in line with the expectations which Google has set over the past month.

Penguin 2.0 reinforces the need to adopt a structured, disciplined and consistent link-building strategy that is not only from a diverse range of sources, but which link into multiple lower level or “deep” pages of site , not just top level.


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301 Redirects & Rel=Canonical

There is a frequent issue which creates challenges for SEO practitioners, website owners and search engines alike: canonicalization.

The issue surfaces because it’s common for duplicated pieces of content to occur multiple times on the same website. For instance with product descriptions which are common across multiple options, or similar examples occur with how tags and categories work which means multiple pages of content are duplicated in the eyes of the search engines.


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Commit to Experimentation

There is much more to marketing than SEO, and it’s often a challenge to balance the new and existing marketing channels to get an optimal mix.

Also, there is more to simply driving traffic through SEO as once the visitor is on your site, you still have to help find a connection between your product or service with the customer. […]

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