SEO Is DEAD… And Social SEO Was The Trigger Man

As ‘Social signals’ continue to influence organic search rankings, SEO is being replaced by good, old-fashioned marketing. It’s no longer about links, it’s about the conversations around your brand.

The new name of the game is ‘Social SEO’…

Since the Panda and Penguin updates (along with Google’s mobile-friendly update), search optimization has been a cat and mouse […]

On-Page SEO Guide & Optimization Checklist

A Step-by-Step Guide Showing You EXACTLY How To Optimize Your Website Using Beginner to Advanced On-Page SEO Best Practices

On-Page SEO is the cornerstone of every well-rounded SEO campaign. Being on the first page of Google can be a game changer when you rank for keywords that are profitable for your business.

The impact of #1 rankings […]

Escalating to Google

Every day we receive multiple requests from small businesses that want us to review their site, accept them onto our platform, and help them recover their ranking which has fallen.  These requests have steadily increased with Google’s Penguin updates, and the release of Hummingbird.

To accommodate the increased interest, we’ve added staff to review, we’ve invested in more tools to evaluate the real challenges that some of the site’s have, and we work hard to evaluate each unique situation independently, and then provide our best recommendation to the site owner.


Local Search: #1 Local SEO Guide for Small Business Owners

Local Search is vitally important for SMB because it provides an opportunity in the search landscape for local businesses to typically rank higher than aggregators and/or national businesses with large budgets.

The engines actively incorporate information from a search user to better identify their geo-location, as well as past search history and behavior, to further tailor results displayed to them.  Additionally, searching with geo-modifiers (example: san diego real estate agent) is a common practice on the web and mobile, and consumers’ expectation is that highly-relevant, top-rated local businesses will be displayed among the top ranking considerations.


Mobile Optimization

The significant growth of global search volume has been accelerated by the increasing use of mobile devices including:  smartphones, iPads, and an array of new Tablets.

For the first time, Google has also publicly confirmed that mobile optimization is a ranking factor for mobile search results. There are two things webmasters need to consider:  #1.) Responsive Site Design for mobile, and #2.)  Addressing common errors which have been plaguing smartphone search results.


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