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At RankPay, we spend a lot of time reviewing trends and tracking how SEO activities influence and sustain prominent rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo! on behalf of our customers.  However, we also spend dedicated time each day understanding how to optimize our own site.

Website optimization is the art of maximizing the experience to achieve a desired outcome, such as: new customer sign-ups, registrations, sales, avg time on site, etc. Website optimization is the natural, logical complement to well-optimized search rankings.

Following are a handful of Website Optimization practices that we’ve found are working consistently:

Multiple Payment Options

Provide site visitors with multiple payment methods and promote this fact throughout the site so there are no surprises at checkout.  Make it simple – take as many forms of plastic as you can.

Provide a Simple Buying Proposition

Website visitors assess and consume information in small pieces – they are grazers over the web and look for information to be presented fast.  Get to the core value offering… and do it quickly:

  • What is the problem… (which “it” your product or service solves);
  • Why they need “it”… (for the problem they have);
  • How much “it” costs… (upfront pricing);
  • What does the prospect need to do next…  (clear next steps)

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are extremely powerful – they instill confidence.   Always use testimonials and do not discount their value.  Also, the process creates a great way to further connect with your customers as well.

Toll Free Contact Number & Live Chat Functionality

A toll free number should be prominently displayed throughout the site. Make it easy for visitors to speak to a human being on your side. Placing the number within the header and footer are good options, but if you have a long landing page, make sure the number either “floats” so it is always in view, or simply repeat it through the page body or sidebar.

Live Chat functionality is very powerful in providing visitors access to information for immediate settling of buying questions.

Site Security

Buying is based upon trust. Every new customer must trust in the brand, the product or service, and the security of the transaction. Users will question how secure their credit information is, and you have to answer that question with definitive integrity.  Invest in excellent security with an established leader in the industry, and make this a selling point.


Site promotion through SEO remains critically important, however make sure that your Website Optimization is also getting the same level of attention.  Over time, you’ll find that increasing in-market, pre-qualified visitors from SEO, and investing in proven Website Optimization practices will compound your ROI, and your long-term success.

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