• SEO Reseller: Make Money Online Reselling SEO Services

SEO Reseller: Make Money Online Reselling SEO Services

RankPay’s Affiliate Program has long provided a means for affiliate marketing partners to earn commissions on referrals that invest in SEO Services. While the program has proven to be a great platform for marketers, bloggers and partners — we realize it has a limited degree of accessibility to our customers that are often business owners, who simply do not have the time to engage in affiliate marketing.

In turn, we’ve created a new program in an effort to compensate our customers for their referrals. All RankPay customers will now be provided a unique promotional code (which is displayed within each customers’ page within the RankPay Dashboard).  Each Customer Promo code can be distributed freely.

When a new account is created with the Promo code and is approved for service, a $25 credit will be applied to both the newly created account and the original referring customer account.

Now RankPay customers will be rewarded when they share their experience and recommendation.  Login here to view your unique RankPay Customer Referral Promo code to get started.

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